Sao Paulo - Hildesheim

Graffittimural global Sao Paulo
Hospital Beneficencia Potuguesa, 300qm, Oct.2001

A G Crew   Vitche   Herbert   OsGemeos  


Codeak, Loomit, Daim, Tasek, Germany, Nina, Vitche, Herbert, OsGemeos, Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, the place

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Mural global Sao Paulo

Theme of the mural:Air,earth, water and fire. This became a big "tree".
"Its like believing in the trueThings still remain, like nature." The life, and lifeinside other if simplicity took you in search of yourselfand inand unique dream,insidemany others. "The mural also contains poetry, tales and great literary writers from around the worldwhich have left their mark."

Sao Paulo, Detail 1

Sao Paulo, Detail 2

Sao Paulo, Detail 3

Sao Paulo, Detail 6

Sao Paulo, Detail 5

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