Worldwide Mural Campaign to the Agenda 21

An Initiative by Farbfieber under Sponsorship of the UNESCO

90 mural paintings on 5 continents - for an ecological, humane and peaceful world

So far, 85 mural paintings have been created by artists working within the project MURAL GLOBAL. More impressive than the mere number of paintings is the fact that each single painting is based on the support of a large number of local volunteers and included a multitude of encounters, discussions and public action. Each project is an unique experiment and a new challenge to the artists, who are coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and are collaborating in order to implement a common vision within four to six weeks time.

Actual we are working in big mobil murals against the war.

In 1988 - 2003, artists from 20 countries came to Germany in order to reflect on Agenda 21 and the state of our planet at the end of the Millennium. They were joined by their fellow artists from Germany and local people as well as by members of local NGOs, and together they created mural paintings, which have also been created in India, Cuba, Brazil, Senegal, Spain, Namibia, Southafrica, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Lettland, the USA and in Nicaragua.

The results are not only shown in the cities where they have been created, but also on our Web-Site, where you can also find additional information and comments on this project. From my point of view, we have witnessed considerable progress during the last 24 months. At the beginning our projects were only red dots on a map representing the ideas of many people in many different places. Today, we can note with contentment that our ideas became reality.

Very much has been achieved during our project. People, institutions and initiatives with completely different backgrounds co-operated fruitfully, and we reached the public not only through the press but also through our work in public places and through direct discussions with neighbours, passer-byes and school classes who visited our project. Many young people joined the artists in creating the mural painting, thus gaining new insights into the artist’s country and its people.

The climax of the project very likely was the three-days conference in Hannover in August 2000, which was attended by 70 artists and other participants from several projects, who got to know each other, exchanged experiences, celebrated and developed new perspectives for further co-operation.

The most striking experience for „Farbfieber“ was that we, as a relatively small organisation, were nevertheless able to initiate a global project and to become a „global player“ of a certain kind.

The appeal we made to the world three years ago has been answered by many people, and it initiated a movement which has led to 75 projects around the world. This caused a lot of work for us, but it also provided us with information and contacts to build upon. We therefore want to thank all the local organisations and initiatives, because it was only because of their work that all the projects became reality. We also want to thank the Association of Initiatives for Education in Lower Saxony; the Provincial Working Group on Developing Nations (NRW); the Department for Cultural Affairs of the Development Service of the Protestant Church in Germany; Caf/Agenda Tranfer, who really helped us a lot; our sponsors and last but not least the honourable Member of Parliament Mr Michael Mueller, whose personal efforts were an important contribution.

We tried to live an utopia, i.e. to put the idea of a global dialogue among equals into practice, and we have witnessed that it is a challenging but possible endeavour to overcome nationalism and racism. We really learned a lot from each other and we will hopefully contribute to making things better in the future.

Mural Global continues to grow. Who is interested in a cooperation is requested to turn to Farbfieber.


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